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We couldn’t do it without YOU!

It is six in the morning, and eight-year old Samantha and her mother, Jessie, walk down one of the Inn’s hallways to the Information Center where Samantha chooses her snack for school while her mother signs out for the day.  Jessie takes Samantha to the Conference Room where they are warmly greeted by the Inn’s Child Advocate, Ms. Chris.  Jessie grabs a sack lunch and says “Good-bye!” to her daughter as she leaves for her day at work.  Samantha is the first child to arrive to wait for the school bus, but she is not alone for long. Other students start joining her to wait for their buses (8-10 buses stop at the Inn every morning and afternoon).  Some do not wait long–the Plano ISD bus arrives early as does the transportation for our high school senior who attends school one hour away. Samantha greets friends as she eats her morning bowl of cereal and watches a movie.  Other students have already eaten in the dining room with their parent, so they join the group and get a computer or a Leap Frog to play as they wait for their bus to arrive.  Often, there are small crafts to work on during the long wait.  It is finally time for the local elementary school students to meet the bus.  Samantha grabs her jacket and puts her back pack on while Ms. Chris reminds her that she will pick Samantha up after school—today is a day for tutoring at the Inn.  The other elementary students will attend Club 360, an after-school program. Middle and high school students will go to the Boys and Girls Club here in McKinney for after-school activities.

Samantha will have a full day at school. After tutoring at the Inn, she will run to her room where Mom (Jessie) will be waiting to hear all about her day.  After dinner, they will complete their chore for the day before getting ready for bed.

Each day, Jessie is working to reach her goals of being able to provide for her daughter and each day, Samantha is working hard to get caught up in school.  Both are able to do so because of the support from the Inn’s staff, the local school district, and of course, because of YOU.

Thank you for your regular support and generous contributions that empower us to help people like Jessie and her daughter, Samantha.  We couldn’t do it without you!

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