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Join our KIDS CLUB!

Kids can change the word! Take part in our Summer Kids’s Club by participating in MAKE A STAND TO END HOMELESSNESS! 

Lemonade stand



You can print this poster from the Printables section.

Lemonade Recipes

Recipe 1 – ¾ cup fresh lemon juice, 2 quarts of water, ½ cup of white sugar.  In a large pan, combine water and sugar. Heat until the sugar just melts. Remove from heat and pour in lemon juice. Mix well and chill in refrigerator before serving. Garnish with lemon, lime or orange slices.

Recipe 2 – 6 lemons (make 1 cup of juice), 6 cups of cold water, 1 cup of white sugar. Juice the lemons, mix with water and sugar. Chill and serve.

Recipe 3 – Buy powdered lemonade mix at the store and follow instructions on package

Recipe 4 – Buy lemonade in jugs from the store.

Fact Sheet

Lemonade stand fact sheet


You can print a copy of this fact sheet on the “Printables” section.


For all these printables, make sure to let your printer know you want it to scale the document to the size of your paper. We have it set up for poster size in case someone wants to make it BIG! If you have any problems, let us know at info@thesamaritaninn.org.

Printable “Make a Stand” sign

cup of lemonade and free lemonade sign

lemon printable

Fact Sheet




Other Ideas for Families


We love our families with young children, but volunteering on-site is appropriate for people ages 18 or older or 14 and older with a parent. There are still many ways children can be an active voice in helping promote the cause of homelessness and support the families living at the Inn.

Generally, we direct families to activities like assisting at our Inn Style Resale Store, pulling weeds and other yard work, donating and planting sod and shrubs, donating and installing edging and wood chips, and washing store windows.

You can help by hosting a donation drive! We have several urgent needs and many on-going needs. By asking your neighbors and friends, you can help us collect very needed items. For a list of our most urgent needs and on-going needs, please view the donations page at www.thesamaritaninn.org/donate.

More Family Volunteer Ideas



Sponsor & Serve a Meal 

The kitchen staff prepares over 136,000 meals a year at the Inn! Join us in a wonderful program that helps us greatly reduce our food expenses and allows people a hands-on opportunity to interact with the residents. You will literally be “serving” people experiencing homelessness. You may sign up for one or multiple days. Many groups like to pick a day of the month, like first Thursday of each month, and make that “their” day to serve.

The Dinner Club Our most expensive meal of the day is dinner. Each night, the residents come to the dining room for a delicious, well-balanced meal. Anything from spaghetti dinners, enchiladas, lasagna to baked chicken and sloppy joes may be on the menu. We try to serve a fresh salad bar with each dinner. Many of the meals are sponsored by churches, businesses, organizations and individuals. We invite you to join the Dinner Club and help us continue to provide these delicious meals. Our staff will make the meal, and you are invited to come serve it. Many people tell us this provided them a sense of pride in giving, a warm feeling inside, and a way to serve that matched their values. Dinner Club – $300 provides dinner for our residents for one night.

Lunch Bunch We prepare lunches for our on-site cafeteria plus sack lunches for our residents who will be eating at work. Sack lunches include bread, lunch meat, cheese, chips and a box drink. Lunch Bunch – $200 provides lunch for our residents for one day.

Early Risers This is for the early birds! Each morning, our staff prepares a hearty breakfast for our residents. This is the most important meal of the day, especially for our youngest residents. Children need extra nutrition to help them grow and a good breakfast helps prepare them for a good day at school Serving this meal is guaranteed to get your day started on the right food too! Early Risers – $180 provides breakfast for our residents for one morning.

For more information about our food program or to schedule a meal, please call 214-449-4433.

Volunteers are asked to arrive 15 minutes before meals begin. Breakfast is from 6:30- 7:30 am during the week and 7:30-8:30 am on the weekend. Lunch is 11:30-12:30 pm every day. Dinner is 6 -7 pm, except Wednesdays, 5:45- 7:15 pm.



Sponsor a Gateway Apartment

When a resident graduates from our shelter program, they can apply to live at our Gateway Apartments, the only transitional housing facility in Collin County. The Gateway apartments provide continued case management, highly subsidized rents, and the ability for a graduate to rebuild their credit history and continue making progress on savings goals and career advancement. When a graduate enters Gateway Apartments, they generally have no furniture and minimal personal items. Generous donors volunteer to provide everything needed for the apartment so the graduate can start off their new life without the expense of setting up a home. From sofa, TV, table, lamps, kitchen items, bedroom and bathroom items, to laundry detergent, and a stocked pantry, this is a big gift and often given by a group. Groups are usually part of a faith community, rotary, business, family or several families, or just caring people in the community. Most adopters say they love the “welcome home” party (like an HGTV reveal) where the graduate sees the apartment for the first time, and that this large, personal donation is very meaningful to them. If you are interested in adopting a Gateway apartment for a graduate, please contact Tressie at tjohnsen@thesamaritaninn.org to learn more.