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Unique situations

Every single person at The Samaritan Inn has a different story and all come to us in unique situations. Joan is one of those individuals. Years of drug use and crime finally caught up to Joan and she found herself serving time for her actions.

While incarcerated Joan joined the work release program and excelled in her responsibilities. With the help of Collin County Probation and her Caseworker, Joan was able to secure a bed at The Samaritan Inn. Joan is new to the program and just getting adjusted, however, she is committed to her sobriety and is ready and willing to get to work and take advantage of the fresh start.

Recovery from addiction requires work and a strong support system. With the help of her Licensed Professional Counselor and the right attitude Joan is learning new coping skills so she is better able to handle the challenges that life brings and can effectively maintain her sobriety. Joan is aware that this journey will not be easy, but with the support provided at the Inn she is prepared for the difficult road ahead.

Joan believes that the challenges she experienced in her past are what helped her to find The Samaritan Inn. With optimism and hope, she now looks forward to new beginnings and has her eyes set on a new, beautiful destination.

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