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Unexpectedly laid off

Kevin, his wife Judy, and son Brandon, came to The Samaritan Inn after facing a number of challenges. The family is originally from California where they were strongly devoted to their church and community. Kevin states that it was his strong faith that enabled him to remain positive in the face of the hard times.

Kevin spent years working in the airline industry and enjoyed a comfortable life with his family. Judy was a stay-at-home mom to six-year-old Brandon, and she continued her active involvement in their church serving their local community.

Life was good. They felt secure, happy, and content; especially with family and friends close by. Suddenly life took a sudden turn; Kevin and several of his co-workers were unexpectedly laid off from their jobs.

Frankly, the rug had been pulled from beneath them and a sense of panic and uncertainty weighed them down like a shabby old coat. With the high cost of housing in California, Kevin knew their savings wouldn’t last long. While their church community, family, and friends were able to help temporarily, soon those resources ran out as well. As you can imagine, the family was falling behind in paying their bills and ultimately faced foreclosure on their beloved home. Desperate, with few good alternatives, they and their little boy then moved in with family.

Kevin didn’t just sit around, he was proactive and diligently sought out employment. A family friend in Texas offered temporary shelter and support. Believing that the move to Texas would be beneficial, the family stepped out and made the move hoping for brighter days ahead. Unfortunately, their Texan friends were only able to help Kevin and Judy on a short-term basis. Once again, Kevin and Judy were left wondering what to do next. After some research, they discovered The Samaritan Inn. The family came in for intake and was accepted the same day.

Kevin and Judy and their son have quickly transitioned into community living at The Inn and have already bonded with other families. They have demonstrated a spirit of openness and cooperation and will soon start working closely with The Samaritan Inn Career Development Coordinator to pursue supportive employment.

This is their very first experience of homelessness and it’s been a very long journey for this family, but they’re well on their way back to regular income and sustainable housing here in Texas.

The Inn’s staff is confident that Kevin and Judy will make a great life for themselves in McKinney once their program is complete. “It seems fitting,” says their caseworker, “that Kevin, Judy, and Brandon are striking out on a new path towards independence here in Texas.” He grins, “If Texans appreciate anything, it’s certainly strong, faithful families who can and are willing to work hard for their independence.”

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