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Family Homelessness – Struggling after divorce

Sarah and her 6-year-old daughter, Jessie, were struggling to make ends meet after a divorce. Sarah’s mother wanted to help, so she moved in with them to look after Jessie while Sarah worked. Sarah was a payroll specialist in Denton. For a while they got by, but then Sarah’s mother began to have health problems. Sarah helped her mother, as her mother had helped her, but she began getting behind on her rent and then she lost her job. When it became clear they could no longer keep the apartment, a friend referred them to The Samaritan Inn, and they arrived on October 3. As the family breadwinner, Sarah immediately began our Job Readiness Class and revised her resume. She has 15 years of payroll experience and is determined to find a job that will support them all. Jessie has adjusted well at the Inn, and Sarah says, “Despite the transition, her grades in school continue to be good and she is happy.” Sarah’s caseworker says, “This little family truly works as a team. Sarah is a strong leader with a positive attitude, and I am sure they will regain their independence.”

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