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Story of the Week – Unexpected Blessings

Andy arrived at The Samaritan Inn in March after the living situation with his brother became difficult and he was unable to afford a place of his own.  For the past five years he had been making a living as a driver, most recently with Uber.  However, Andy found that he didn’t make enough money to sustain himself independently.  In a recent study published by MIT it was determined that the median pretax profit for Uber and Lyft drivers is typically about $3.37 per hour.

After moving to The Inn, Andy was able to secure a position at a factory with better pay.  However, even working overtime, he has little left to save after paying child support and transportation to work.  Given the opportunity to talk with Andy, it becomes clear that this quiet and reserved man is deeply rooted in his faith and puts his children’s needs above all else.  As a father of twin boys, Andy provides more than the required child support to ensure that his boys have what they need.

After a recent church service, Andy found himself chatting with a fellow member of the congregation and shared a bit about his situation.  That conversation led to an amazing blessing.  In the first 30 minutes of their conversation, this generous church member saw the good, hardworking man that Andy is and offered to give him a car. The vehicle was intended for donation to charity, but in speaking with Andy the man could see what a blessing the vehicle would be for him.  Andy’s caseworker was not surprised and said “Anyone who talks to Andy knows that he has a good heart. He is honest, hardworking and puts others before himself.  He deserves to be rewarded.” With permanent transportation in place, higher wages in his new job, and the support of The Samaritan Inn, Andy is on his way to gaining independence.

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