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Story of the Week

Abby is a mid-20 year old female who came to The Samaritan Inn in December 2017 in search of stability. After suffering a mental breakdown Abby lost everything, including her children. She found herself giving up and attempted to take her own life.  During intake at The Inn Abby received a call informing her that she got the job she interviewed for.  Things were finally beginning to look up.

Abby had never lived on her own and had many fears coming into the shelter . She was severely in debt and was learning to be a responsible adult for the first time. Abby immediately took advantage of everything The Inn had to offer and began to make positive changes.  She quickly began to regain stability and opened a savings account which enabled her to regain custody of her children.

Using the tools that she learned in the Career Development and Financial Education program, Abby has not only been able to save for the future, she has been able to pay off thousands of dollars that she had accumulated in debt.  Using the skills that she learned in the job readiness class, Abby has successfully moved up into a managerial position at her place of employment.  Abby enjoys the weekly parenting classes and credits them with helping her be creative as a parent and a better mom.

In addition to her career and financial success, Abby has been able to wean herself off her mental health medication and has taken control of her health. She credits The Inn with being there for her when she had no one and was at her lowest.  The staff and residents of The Samaritan Inn have become her family and have helped her be an independent and successful woman.

Abby looks forward to graduating from the shelter in a few months and moving into her dream apartment.  She now feels confident that she will finally be able to live independently with her children and maintain self-sufficiency.  

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