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Story of the Week

Jay’s story begins in Wisconsin, where he and his family lived until just over a year ago.  Jay and his wife were renting a home and Jay was employed, but barely making enough money to pay the bills. Eventually the landlord started eviction proceedings against him.  Jay and his wife decided to move to Texas, where he could work on road construction crews year round, and maintain a steady income.

It was Christmas day when authorities came to his house to evict Jay and his family.  Fortunately, because it was Christmas,  the authorities gave the family until right after the New Year to leave the house.  On the 2nd of January, the family left Wisconsin and began the journey to Texarkana in their small van with one small trailer.  After several months in Texarkana without work Jay decided to move the family once again because he heard that McKinney, TX was booming and full of job opportunities.  Jay and his family had been living in their van for several months and were becoming more and more desperate to find stable housing and employment.

The family arrived at The Samaritan Inn in October of 2017, but were unable to get into the shelter at that time.  A few months later Jay’s wife tried once again to enter the shelter, but was unable to qualify for services.  Finally, at the beginning of March , Jay and his wife both qualified for services and were able to enter the shelter with their two special needs children.

With their basic needs met Jay has set a goal to turn their lives around. He’s confident that with the support of our program he can be successful.  Jay appreciates the structure that his caseworker has put in place to help in in fulfilling all of his responsibilities and his counselor is helping him to work through the stress and anxiety that built up between the family after living in a van for so long. Jay plans to fully utilize everything the shelter offers to help his family get back on their feet.  Jay’s children have been enrolled in McKinney ISD, and are both receiving special needs and academic support which is enabling them to exceed expectations.

Jay has completed the Job Readiness Course, obtained full time employment, and is working to complete all of his financial classes. The skills Jay has learned in the financial classes are going to enable this family to maintain their budget allowing them to live independently.  Once they are secure and settled into life here in McKinney, Jay hopes to one day open his own business.   We are thankful that Jay and his family found their way to The Samaritan Inn and that we are able to help them on their path to independence.

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