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Story of the Week – Rebuilding after a natural disaster

Cullen moved to south Texas from the Midwest in search of better opportunities and found success until mother nature ravaged the area and took everything he had. A car salesman by trade, Cullen worked hard and hoped to bounce back but the market for new automobiles was slow due to the high demand for insurance payments. Unable to get back on his feet, Cullen decided it was time for a change and relocated to the DFW area in late 2017. When he arrived in DFW, Cullen stayed with a friend but the strain of having a house guest proved to be too much and he was asked to leave. Unable to find a job and with nowhere else to turn, Cullen came to the shelter in late January. From the moment Cullen arrived at The Samaritan Inn, he has helped anywhere he saw a need. From completing chores to serving meals, Cullen is eager to lend a hand in addition to completing his assignments and required classes. Cullen found work quickly through a temp agency and has recently secured a position in his field of choice – selling automobiles. Finally, Cullen is feeling more confident and secure now that he has a steady income. A perk of his new position includes the use of a demo vehicle which is allowing him to regain his independence as well. Cullen has completed all of the required classes in our program and feels that the biggest lesson he has learned is to live within his means and not exceed his budget. In his 20 years as a salesman, Cullen made good money... read more


Weekly Statistics as of 9.20.2018

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Adult New Blankets

Men’s & Women’s Flip Flops – Size L & XL

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Hamburger Meat

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2018 Samaritan Inn Gala Video


In this video, Christina shares her journey through homelessness and the difference The Samaritan Inn has made in her family’s life.


Larry’s journey from homeless to happiness is a powerful story.


Meet Michele, a graduate from The Samaritan Inn

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