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Overcoming Addiction To Build A New Life

Lana was introduced to drugs in her early teen years and by the time she turned 15 had begun to take pain pills which was the beginning of a an opioid addition.   Before finding herself in jail, Lana’s drug addiction had grown to include heroine, methamphetamine’s, marijuana, Xanax, and hallucinogens.  At 27 years old, Lana has now been released from jail after completing the SCORE (Sheriff’s Convicted Offender Re-Entry) program and has found her way to The Samaritan Inn for a fresh start.

As a mother to two children – a 7 month old son and a 6 year old daughter – Lana realizes that she must make sobriety her highest priority.   Due to her drug addiction and incarcerations, both of Lana’s children are in the care of Child Protective Services but she realizes that in order to be a good mother she must make significant life changes.   Lana is actively engaged in services with the Department of Family Protective Services and is in a supportive outpatient substance abuse treatment program.  In addition, she is attending AA/NA meeting and working daily to maintain sobriety long term.   “My low self-esteem and thoughts about myself is one of the reasons I used… I really don’t think that’s going to change until I can prove to myself that I can take care of myself.”  Lana views her current situation as an opportunity to make significant changes that will help her to become a good parent.

Lana sought residence at The Inn because she wanted to start living a healthy, positive, and productive life style. She longs to be proud of herself.  Lana is currently working with our  Career Development Coordinator to find a secure and consistent source of employment.  She is also taking what she has learned in her financial education classes and working diligently to become financially stable.  Lana is driven to succeed so she can provide a safe and loving environment for her children in the future.

Lana admits that battling her addiction is a daily struggle.  She recognizes that to be successful she has to alter her mindset, change her social network, and put her needs ahead of others.  “In all my classes I’m learning to identify my triggers. I’m cutting users out of my life…I have to, I have to focus on me right now. My counselor here at The Inn said I must be careful about putting other people’s needs above my own… I need to focus on me and putting my life back together.”

Lana is deeply committed to a clean and sober life.  She’s working daily to achieve her goals and is grateful for the program and services offered here at The Samaritan Inn.  She knows that there’s a team of encouraging and helpful people surrounding her to keep her accountable.  We’re encouraged by the strides Lana is making…and feel confident that she will continue to make the changes needed to sustain her sobriety and build a life of independence.

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