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Juliet, a 31 yr. old single mother

Juliet, a 31 year old single mother, came to the Inn after her family reported her to CPS because she was living in her car with her young daughter. CPS took her daughter and referred her to The Samaritan Inn. They were living in her car because Juliet was unable to hold a job and, as a result, had lost her apartment. When asked why Juliet could not stay with her family, she said, “We do not get along.”

At intake, all of The Samaritan Inn rules are explained in great detail and every perspective resident is asked to sign off acknowledging they have been informed and will comply. Unfortunately, that was not the case with Juliet. After just a few days, she initiated several loud arguments with other residents, frequently screaming profanities. She dressed provocatively, despite her caseworker’s direction to cover up. She played her radio loudly despite her roommates’ request to turn it down, and she regularly disrupted meal times. It became clear to us why she was unable to hold a job or get along with her family.

Juliet’s caseworker met with her to tell her that her behaviors would simply have to change. They wrote a contract indicating what appropriate behavior would be expected from her and Juliet signed it. For several days things went very well, and we believed she had turned the corner. Sadly, that was not the case.

One evening, Juliet insisted that her bedroom door be left open while her three other roommates wanted it closed. A loud argument ensued, and Juliet insisted that she would not sleep in her room any longer but instead she would sleep in her car in the parking lot. Staff advised her that it would not be safe to sleep in her car and that if she chose to leave the building after curfew, she would be exited. Juliet gathered her things and left dramatically.

Two days later, Juliet called to express her regret at leaving the program and asked to be readmitted. We denied her request. When 160 people are living under one roof, it is essential that rules be followed and people act respectively to one another and to the staff, and Juliet simply could not do this. We want a happy ending for every person that we serve, but it is not always possible.

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