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Jerry wanted to go to his Senior Prom

As most of us learn early, life is not fair. Some people are dealt “very bad hands”. Jerry is, unfortunately, a person whose life has been riddled with trouble and pain. Jerry was born in Kenya, Africa, and tragically, he witnessed his mother’s murder when he was fifteen.

He then came to the United States where he thought he had family that would help him. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the help that he needed or deserved and ended up on the streets. At nineteen and as a high school senior, he was roaming the streets of McKinney alone. Providentially, he made it into the caring hands at The Samaritan Inn.

Jerry immediately embraced The Inn’s comprehensive program. Now that he had a bed, a roof over his head, and didn’t have to worry about where the next meal was coming from, he was ready to work. Coordinating efforts with the school district and the staff at The Inn, Jerry immediately started doing school credit recovery and going to tutoring before and after classes. Inn staff gave him a watch with an alarm to help keep him organized and on time.

Recently, Jerry approached his caseworker about his Senior Prom. Could we help him attend? Staff was delighted to procure Jerry a tuxedo and all that he needed to enjoy this important high school rite of passage and a date with a good friend.

Due to his own hard work and ambition, Jerry is now on track to graduate from high school in a couple of weeks. Additionally, he has already secured a job as a summer camp counselor and will start at Collin College in the Fall. Jerry has future plans for becoming a pharmacist. Weekly he attends counseling which is helping him cope with his losses and fortifies him for the future. He meets his caseworker weekly as well, and together they have been mapping out a life plan as Jerry will soon leave The Shelter and becomes a college student. Jerry is a special young man—he’s moving into a very bright future and we at the Inn couldn’t be prouder to have been a footnote in his remarkable story.

Jerry has been a model citizen and client since coming into The Inn. He is inquisitive and has demonstrated the determination and hard work required to insure success.
It’s difficult to explain all the hardship this young man has experience in the first two decades of his life, but those hardships have not deterred him from discovering a new path forward. Jerry your future is bright and you’ve shown us if “you play your cards right”, you can still win the game.

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