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Emma is a mid-20 year old woman with three children…

Emma is a mid-20 year old woman with three children who came into the Samaritan Inn in December 2017. Emma has two boys and a daughter ranging in age from 3-12. Emma has experienced a very hard life with many deaths. She lost her parents and grandparents at a young age. Upon entering our program, Emma endured two more sudden losses— her young cousin to a murder and an uncle with a terminal illness.

Throughout her life, Emma has been tossed around to various family members and left feeling a bit like a rag doll. Emma never had stable housing and felt coming to the Inn could help her gain stability. Emma is proud that she graduated high school and subsequently obtained her Cosmetology degree. Emma is now looking at completing her certification to teach Yoga.

Already, she has completed the Inn’s Job Readiness Class, Financial Education Class and regularly attends our parenting classes. She is faithful in meeting with her caseworker, counselor and our children’s case worker. Her children are always well behaved and well-mannered. Emma serves as a positive role model for our other families, is active with her children and is often found in the playroom, hallway or playground interacting and engaging with them.

Emma has recently gained full time employment at Globe Life and is thrilled with her new position. She’s confident that this brings her one step closer to independence.
This young mother is so very grateful for the Samaritan Inn and all it has offered her family. This past Christmas was the first one that she and her children were able to enjoy and celebrate—previously, Christmas was a stressful and depressing season.

Emma is highly motivated and we’re confident that she will reach her goals. There’s no question about it—up to this point, Emma’s life has been difficult and filled with pain, but it seems that she and her three children are “turning the corner”—with the help of the Samaritan Inn she is creating a brighter future both for herself and for her children.

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