Your gift provides vital funds to help people experiencing homelessness regain their dignity and independence.

$10 Gift

  • Your gift is equal to a pair of much needed shoes.
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$25 Gift

  • Your gift is equal to one professional case management session for a resident – it’s life-changing!
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Food Programs

  • Sponsor a meal for our residents & come serve it! From $180-$300. See below…
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Commemorative Brick

  • Commemorate a loved one, or create a living tribute personalized any way you choose.
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Donor Privacy Statement

The Samaritan Inn does not share, sell, rent, or lease a donor’s or any other person’s personal information to third parties.

Arrange a Recurring Donation

Your sustaining gift will automatically repeat each month until you decide to cancel it. Monthly gifts provide vital funds that support the mission of The Samaritan Inn in helping people experiencing homelessness regain their dignity and independence. To arrange a monthly gift, please contact Rachael Whittaker at 972-542-5302 ext.266 or by email at

Donating in Honor of or in Memory of Someone

We welcome contributions made on behalf of a family member, friend, neighbor or coworker.  After you have made your donation online, press the orange “Return to The Samaritan Inn” button and you’ll be able to print your own personalized certificate to present to the recipient or their loved ones.

If the person is deceased, you would select a contribution “In Memory Of” from the Donate Now page.  If the person is celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or a special achievement, you would select a contribution “In Honor Of” from the Donate Now page.  This is a special way to remember them or thank them for the support they give you, which in turn makes it possible for you to support others. Thank you!

Urgent Needs

Men’s Shower Shoes
Tub and Shower Cleaner
Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray
Feminine Body Wash/Feminine Wipes
Body Spray


Urgent Food Needs

Cooking Oil
Pancake Syrup
Elbow Pasta

Wish List

These items are outside our operating budget but very needed! Can you help? Contact for more information.

Acrylic Dispenser for ear plugs – click here to purchase

Ear Plugs – click here to purchase

Mobile Shelving - click here to purchase

Tractor to mow our new land

Gift Cards in small increments to Wal-Mart and Target

Samaritan Inn Branded Marketing Materials

Amazon Wish List: 

Sponsor & Serve A Meal

The kitchen staff prepares over 175,000 meals a year at the Inn! Join us in a wonderful program that helps us greatly reduce our food expenses and allows people a hands-on opportunity to interact with the residents. You will literally be “serving” people experiencing homelessness. You may sign up for one or multiple days. Many groups like to pick a day of the month, like first Thursday of each month, and make that “their” day to serve.


The Dinner Club Our most expensive meal of the day is dinner. Each night, the residents come to the dining room for a delicious, well-balanced meal. Anything from spaghetti dinners, enchiladas, lasagna to baked chicken and sloppy joes may be on the menu. We try to serve a fresh salad bar with each dinner. Many of the meals are sponsored by churches, businesses, organizations and individuals. We invite you to join the Dinner Club and help us continue to provide these delicious meals. Our staff will make the meal, and you are invited to come serve it. Many people tell us this provided them a sense of pride in giving, a warm feeling inside, and a way to serve that matched their values. Dinner Club – $300 provides dinner for our residents for one night.

Lunch Bunch  $200 provides lunch for our residents for one day.

Early Risers This is for the early birds! Each morning, our staff prepares a hearty breakfast for our residents. This is the most important meal of the day, especially for our youngest residents. Children need extra nutrition to help them grow and a good breakfast helps prepare them for a good day at school Serving this meal is guaranteed to get your day started on the right food too! Early Risers – $180 provides breakfast for our residents for one morning.

For more information about our food program or to schedule a meal, please email

Volunteers are asked to arrive 15 minutes before meals begin. Breakfast is 6:30 -7:30 am during the week and 7:30 – 8:30 am on the weekend. Lunch is 11:30 – 12:30 pm every day, Dinner is 6-7 pm, except Wednesdays, 5:45-7:15 pm.

Commemorative Brick Program

Be a lasting part of the new shelter at The Samaritan Inn. Every brick purchased will raise needed funds to initiate construction of the new buildings for the homeless population we serve – families and individuals. As the homeless with no other options seek our assistance, they will be greeted by the Donor Recognition Wall in a shiny sea of uplifting color and hope. This focal point of the lobby area will inspire confidence that the community built and supports a place for individuals, parents, and children to regain safety, dignity and independence. Your engraved tribute or memorial brick will be a permanent gift of honor showing your compassion and commitment to help build
the new shelter and change the future. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

After you have completed your payment, please return this form to our office so we can order a brick that is customized to your specifications.  brick-order-form


Tom Thumb Good Neighbor Program

Tom Thumb offers a program where customers can direct the company’s donation dollars to their favorite non-profit organization within the local community. The Samaritan Inn is a participating organization in this program.

As a Tom Thumb customer with a Reward Card, you can contribute by designating The Samaritan Inn as your organization of choice to receive a charitable contribution. Simply fill in the top part of a Reward Card Application, indicating The Samaritan Inn’s organization number and return it to the courtesy counter. From that point on, the purchase price of your groceries is added to The Samaritan Inn account where a check for 1% of the total purchases is sent directly to the Inn each quarter. If you already have a card, simply fill in the top part of a reward card application with The Samaritan Inn’s organization number: 5111.

For more information about Tom Thumb’s Good Neighbor Program, visit the Community Caring section of their website at:

PayPal Online Donation

Special note on PayPal Online Donation Limits.

If you are registered with PayPal, the maximum amount for online donations is $10,000.

If you are not registered with PayPal, the maximum amount for online donations is $4,000.

For donations that exceed limitations, please contact Rachael Whittaker at 972-542-5302 ext.266 or by email at

Fundraisers & Special Events