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National News – Criminalization of Homelessness is Wrong

San Antonio gave out over 12,000 citations to people experiencing homelessness in under 2 years. It should not be a crime for anyone to sit down, eat, use the bathroom or for charitable groups to feed people experiencing homeless. We urge cities all over to stop criminalizing homelessness and instead help in finding and funding solutions that work. Read the article...

Homeless Students Face Many Obstacles

This article points out many of the obstacles faced by students experiencing homelessness. We served children that are accompanied by a parent or guardian and refer unaccompanied children to My Friend’s House/City House in Plano. On a typical night, we have between 50 – 60 children living at the Inn. Last school year, we were overjoyed when ALL our students passed the STAAR testing and were promoted to the next grade. Because children experiencing homelessness typically move several times in a year, often have unstable evening arrangements, and are often missing curriculum, technology, tutoring, enrichment and homework activities, their chance to be successful academically is diminished. We are thrilled to have on-site weekly tutoring, a weekly reading therapy dog program and a wonderful on-site McKinney ISD liaison to help us ensure student success. Read the US News article...