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She and her grandson lived in her car

Marion is 68 years old. She was working part time to supplement her Social Security when her son, a single Dad, asked her to take his four-year-old child. Marion has cared for many of her grandchildren over the years and immediately told him that she would. Her...

Each month she struggled to make her rent

Elena is 56 years old with one grown son. She lost her job in early 2014. Each month she struggled to make her rent – piecing it together with odd jobs, her savings, and once with help from her church. In November she finally lost her apartment and still had not...

Training for the plumbing industry

Carl has been training for the plumbing industry for the past year and a half. He graduated from Job Corps this month and has a lot of experience in the service industry and communicating with customers. Carl would like to continue gaining experience in the plumbing...