Emma is a mid-20 year old woman with three children…

Emma is a mid-20 year old woman with three children who came into the Samaritan Inn in December 2017. Emma has two boys and a daughter ranging in age from 3-12. Emma has experienced a very hard life with many deaths. She lost her parents and grandparents at a young age. Upon entering our program, Emma endured two more sudden losses— her young cousin to a murder and an uncle with a terminal illness.

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US Dept of Education says 1.3 million students are Homeless

On a typical night, we have 50 -60 children living at the Inn. Of those, about 45 are students in school districts in across North Texas, including Plano, Allen, Frisco, Richardson, Dallas, Wylie, Princeton, Celina, McKinney and more! Read this CBS article that says... read more


National News – Criminalization of Homelessness is Wrong

San Antonio gave out over 12,000 citations to people experiencing homelessness in under 2 years. It should not be a crime for anyone to sit down, eat, use the bathroom or for charitable groups to feed people experiencing homeless. We urge cities all over to stop... read more

Walter is also a computer whiz…

Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. As a Certified insurance adjuster in the State of Texas, Walter knows that very well. Walter became attracted to the insurance industry after his many years of working in carpentry.

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Veteran Homelessness – Bill is a United States Veteran

Bill is a United States Veteran and served in the U. S. Marine Corps for 4 years. While in the military, he was a squad leader, and his duties included military police and guard duty. Bill has seven years of experience as a Certified Level II security guard. He is... read more


The Samaritan Inn

Teen Advisory Board

We’re kicking off our first High School Teen Advisory Board (TAB) this fall. We’ll have monthly meetings and learn about non-profit management, local homelessness, leadership, philanthropy, and volunteer service. Our TAB will participate in Homeless Awareness Week,... read more