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Overcoming Addiction To Build A New Life

Lana was introduced to drugs in her early teen years and by the time she turned 15 had begun to take pain pills which was the beginning of a an opioid addition.   Before finding herself in jail, Lana’s drug addiction had grown to include heroine, methamphetamine’s, marijuana, Xanax, and hallucinogens.  At 27 years old, Lana has now been released from jail after completing the SCORE (Sheriff’s Convicted Offender Re-Entry) program and has found her way to The Samaritan Inn for a fresh start. 

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US Dept of Education says 1.3 million students are Homeless

On a typical night, we have 50 -60 children living at the Inn. Of those, about 45 are students in school districts in across North Texas, including Plano, Allen, Frisco, Richardson, Dallas, Wylie, Princeton, Celina, McKinney and more! Read this CBS article that says thousands of North Texas students are homeless.   ... read more


National News – Criminalization of Homelessness is Wrong

San Antonio gave out over 12,000 citations to people experiencing homelessness in under 2 years. It should not be a crime for anyone to sit down, eat, use the bathroom or for charitable groups to feed people experiencing homeless. We urge cities all over to stop criminalizing homelessness and instead help in finding and funding solutions that work. Read the article... read more


Veteran Homelessness – Bill is a United States Veteran

Bill is a United States Veteran and served in the U. S. Marine Corps for 4 years. While in the military, he was a squad leader, and his duties included military police and guard duty. Bill has seven years of experience as a Certified Level II security guard. He is looking for a security position in the McKinney/Allen area. If you know of a job that might be right for Nathan, please contact Denise at dcapurso@thesamaritaninn.org or (972) 632-1290 extension... read more


Therapy Dog Volunteer at The Samaritan Inn

http://ireader.olivesoftware.com/Olive/iReader/DMN/SharedArticle.ashx?document=DMN%5C2015%5C09%5C12&article=Ar02803 Therapy dog that befriended seniors, kids dies Golden retriever comforted homeless at Samaritan Inn By EVA-MARIE AYALA Staff Writer eayala@dallasnews.com true   McKINNEY — When Faith was rescued nearly five years ago, the golden retriever was 30 pounds overweight, and a simple walk down the street would make her paws bleed. But Faith’s life was about second chances. Her new family put her on a health program to get her trim and bought her special shoes to ease the pain when she exercised. Finally fit, she began volunteering to help others in need as a therapy dog. Faith offered comfort to seniors going through illnesses and patience to homeless children learning to read. But her own health suddenly took a turn last month, and she died Aug. 17. She was 11 years old. “The children especially connected with Faith,” said her owner, Pam Hatch. “They kind of saw themselves in her. She was a rescue dog without a home for a while, but look at what she was able to do with her second life.” Faith was originally from a family who loved her but had trouble caring for her as they were expecting a baby. The Dallas Fort Worth Metro Golden Retriever Rescue found her a new home with Hatch in January 2011. While working with the group, Hatch learned about therapy dogs and had Faith certified by the end of their first year together. The dog had learned how to remain calm amid chaotic environments, how to interact with patients in hospitals and how to simply listen to those needing a friendly ear. Faith’s volunteer career... read more

The Samaritan Inn

Teen Advisory Board

We’re kicking off our first High School Teen Advisory Board (TAB) this fall. We’ll have monthly meetings and learn about non-profit management, local homelessness, leadership, philanthropy, and volunteer service. Our TAB will participate in Homeless Awareness Week, lead a group service project, serve a meal at the shelter, and serve as a Homecoming 4 Homeless Ambassador. We expect participants for this leadership experience will make new friends, gain valuable skills and insight into the non-profit sector, and choose to write about their experience in compelling college entrance essays. Guidelines: Attendance at meetings, generally held on Sunday at 2 pm at The Samaritan Inn, located in McKinney, Texas. A 75% attendance rate is required for completion of this program. Payment of $50 per selected teen will cover costs of t-shirts, food, and materials and is considered a donation to The Samaritan Inn. Please attach: 2 letters of recommendation from people who are not related to you and know your work habits, character, or interests. Teachers, faith leaders, employers, or mentors make great references. Your resume with work experience, leadership roles, extra-curricular activities, and volunteer experience Please send your completed application to connect@thesamaritaninn.org by September 15,... read more