Jerry wanted to go to his Senior Prom

As most of us learn early, life is not fair. Some people are dealt “very bad hands”. Jerry is, unfortunately, a person whose life has been riddled with trouble and pain. Jerry was born in Kenya, Africa, and tragically, he witnessed his mother’s... read more

Family Homelessness – Struggling after divorce

Sarah and her 6-year-old daughter, Jessie, were struggling to make ends meet after a divorce. Sarah’s mother wanted to help, so she moved in with them to look after Jessie while Sarah worked. Sarah was a payroll specialist in Denton. For a while they got by, but... read more



He is certified in HVAC

Thomas has over 20 years working in warehouse settings. He is certified in HVAC and water and waste management. He has experience operating a fork lift, using heavy equipment, and machine operations as well. Thomas has certifications in fork lift and machine... read more



The Samaritan Inn

Eagle Projects Make A Difference

Eagle Projects Make A Difference Austin H. Urbine, 14, of Frisco has achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest advancement rank... read more