Unique situations

Every single person at The Samaritan Inn has a different story and all come to us in unique situations. Joan is one of those individuals. Years of drug use and crime finally caught up to Joan and she found herself serving time for her actions.

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Family Homelessness – Struggling after divorce

Sarah and her 6-year-old daughter, Jessie, were struggling to make ends meet after a divorce. Sarah’s mother wanted to help, so she moved in with them to look after Jessie while Sarah worked. Sarah was a payroll specialist in Denton. For a while they got by, but... read more



Big Plans for 2018!

The Samaritan Inn’s Career Development Program has big plans for 2018! Although still in the planning stages, we are enabling educational opportunities to our hardest working residents that will provide them with a career and solidify their future.

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The Samaritan Inn

Eagle Projects Make A Difference

Eagle Projects Make A Difference Austin H. Urbine, 14, of Frisco has achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest advancement rank... read more