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We are a comprehensive
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Gateway Apartments were built to provide a stepping stone for residents of The Samaritan Inn who are not yet able to afford market value rents.  This twenty-unit apartment complex provides graduates with an exercise in independence by requiring them to pay a portion of their income as rent and requiring them to pay for their own food and utilities. The graduate is still involved in our program and maintains contact with their caseworker. 

We are always looking for groups, organzations or individuals to 'adopt' an apartment.  Below are answers to questions you may have about adopting a Gateway Apartment; we encourage you to contact us directly for more information.

If you are interested in adopting an apartment, you may contact:

Cara Mendelsohn,Community Outreach Manager at (972) 632-1290, ext. 235 or via email at cmendelsohn@thesamaritaninn.org

Gateway FAQ

How long can people stay at Gateway?
Three to eighteen months depending on their individual situation.


What is involved in “adopting” an apartment? 
Churches, businesses, service clubs and individuals are asked to fully furnish an apartment with basic furniture needs as well as linens, cookware, dishes and silverware.  (sample list)


Do the furnishings need to be new? 
Absolutely not, gently used items are happily accepted.


Can groups paint or wallpaper and/or provide non basic items? 
We would like all of the apartments to stay neutral- so painting and wallpapering will not be permitted. Regarding non-basic items; that is entirely up to the group that is adopting-if they are able to provide window treatments or other decorative objects we would love to have them.


What happens to the furnishings when a resident moves out?
The resident will take everything with them. This will prevent them from having another big-spend as they are becoming independent and will encourage a sense of pride and ownership for the things in the apartment while they are living there.


If I adopt an apartment, will I have to re-furnish it every time a resident leaves? 
You may adopt an apartment one time only or you can commit to an apartment and re-furnish as necessary.


Can I furnish one thing for all of the apartments, such as towels? 
We really prefer that the apartment be adopted as a whole; it is much easier to coordinate the needs this way.


Can you store things that I have collected and hold them until the apartment I have adopted is ready? 
Storage space is at an absolute premium at The Samaritan Inn and so we are unable to do this.


Will the apartments have appliances? 
Yes, each apartment will be equipped with a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer.


Can I find out who will move into the apartment I have adopted and can I meet them?
Yes, we will be happy to tell you the number in the family and the age and sex of children, if applicable. If the family is willing, we will set up a meeting between you, if not, we hope you will respect our clients need for privacy.


If I adopt an apartment will my donations be tax deductible?
Yes, Gateway is a program of The Samaritan Inn which is a not for profit corporation and we will provide tax receipts for any and all donations.

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urgent needs

The items on this list are in pressing demand at the Inn. Items may be delivered directly to the Inn at your convenience between 9am and 7pm on any day of the week.

  • All Purpose Cleaner
  • Floor Cleaner
  • Adult Cold Medicine


Help us build hope for homeless families. Purchase a commemorative brick, personalized in any way you choose. Call Lynne for more information at 972-632-1290 extension 229 or email to lsipiora@thesamaritaninn.org. Thank you and remember- people are waiting……