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We are a comprehensive
homeless program
that helps willing people
gain dignity and independence.


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The Samaritan Inn

About Samaritan Inn & Its History

The Samaritan Inn was established in 1984 after community leaders joined together to address the issue of homelessness in Collin County. Thirty years later, The Samaritan Inn is still the largest homeless program in a county of over 854,000 residents.

All services and support are provided free of charge through funding made from donations by churches, service groups and  organizations, corporations and individuals. The Samaritan Inn is also a member of the United Way of Collin County.

The Need
Homeless families and individuals are the focus at The Samaritan Inn. In 2013, the Inn served 766 residents; 249 of them were children.

The Mission
We are a comprehensive homeless program that helps willing people regain their dignity and independence.

The Goal
To help people regain their independence.

The Outcome
Over 72% of the residents graduated from our program; which means they had an income and housing when they left The Samaritan Inn last year.

Our Team
The organizational leadership at The Samaritan Inn consists of a volunteer Board of Directors, several committees that focus on specific areas of operation and a staff of thirty-five full and part-time employees. A large pool of volunteers also provides critical support.

Samaritan Inn's Program

The Samaritan Inn provides, at no cost, a secure and clean place to live. Our building has separate living areas for men, women, and families. We also have a playroom and a fully equipped playground.

We serve three well-balanced meals daily and provide personal hygiene products. If necessary, clothing, coats and shoes are also available. Within this nurturing environment, experienced caseworkers assess each resident and his/her needs to develop an individual program plan with a goal of independence.

Referrals are made for support programs such as legal and financial counseling and mental and physical health services. We offer classes in a variety of life skills such as parenting, budgeting, job training. Individual program plans are reviewed regularly to ensure that all the necessary steps are being taken to reach independence in the future.

Residents who “graduate” from The Samaritan Inn receive all the necessary items to set up their own households- from furniture and bedding to lamps, linens and cleaning supplies. Ongoing support is also provided, for as long as necessary, to ensure long-term, permanent independence.

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Buy Now!

Help us build hope for homeless families. Purchase a commemorative brick, personalized in any way you choose. Call Lynne for more information at 972-632-1290 extension 229 or email to lsipiora@thesamaritaninn.org.

Thank you and remember- people are waiting……

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urgent needs

The items on this list are in pressing demand at the Inn. Items may be delivered directly to the Inn at your convenience between 9am and 7pm on any day of the week.

  • All Purpose Cleaner
  • Floor Cleaner
  • Adult Cold Medicine