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McKinney, TX 75071
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We are a comprehensive
homeless program
that helps willing people
gain dignity and independence.


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Donate Samaritan Inn Needs List

Donate items that are in short supply

As the only facility in Collin County dedicated to serving the homeless, The Samaritan Inn often finds itself in need of items that are in short supply.

If you wish to purchase the items and bring them to the Inn we would love to have you visit!

Any quantity of products donated would be greatly appreciated.


For more information, please contact
Jill Rix
at (972) 632-1290, ext 228 or via email at jrix@thesamaritaninn.org.

Urgent Needs List

The items on this list are either in very short supply or we have run out of them completely. They can be delivered directly to the Inn at your convenience between 9am and 7pm any day of the week. Thank you!

• All Purpose Cleaner
• Floor Cleaner
• Adult Cold Medicine


Current Needs List

Cleaning Products
- Laundry Detergent
- All-Purpose Cleaner
- Windex
- Toilet Cleaner
- Bath Cleaner
- Fabric Softener
- Disinfectant Spray/Wipes
- Hand Cleaner

Paper Products
- Toilet Paper & Kleenex
- Paper Towels
- Plates
- Dixie Cups (for Dispensing Meds)
- Trash Bags (All Sizes)
- Ziploc Bags

Personal Hygiene Products
- Razors
- Deodorant
- Body Spray
- Feminine Protection
- Shampoo/Cream Rinse

- Fresh Fruit
- Fresh & Frozen Produce
- Eggs
- Meat and Poultry
- Milk/Creamer
- Butter
- Bread
- Sugar
- Coffee/Tea
- Lunch Meat/Cheese
- Slice Cheese
- Small bags of chips for residents sack lunches they bring to work

- Telephone Cards
- Postage Stamps
- Bottled Water
- Gift Cards to Grocery Outlets
- Pillows

Pet Project
- Leashes
- Bowls

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Buy Now!

Help us build hope for homeless families. Purchase a commemorative brick, personalized in any way you choose. Call Lynne for more information at 972-632-1290 extension 229 or email to lsipiora@thesamaritaninn.org.

Thank you and remember- people are waiting……

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urgent needs

The items on this list are in pressing demand at the Inn. Items may be delivered directly to the Inn at your convenience between 9am and 7pm on any day of the week.

  • All Purpose Cleaner
  • Floor Cleaner
  • Adult Cold Medicine