1710 North McDonald Street
McKinney, TX 75071
p.  972.542.5302
f.   972.569.9988

We are a comprehensive
homeless program
that helps willing people
gain dignity and independence.


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This six hour class (in two 3 hr. sessions) is offered to
persons under 21 years of age who have been charged
with drinking alcohol (MIC, DUI, or PI) or in possession
of alcohol (MIP), or are considered at risk.

Classes are conducted monthly at the Administration
Building of The Samaritan Inn, located across the street
from The Inn, at 1725 North McDonald Street,
McKinney, TX.

To fulfill the class requirements, each minor must attend
all six hours and complete an exit interview with
the instructor.

The fee for the class is payable online at our website or
at the Administration Building of The Samaritan Inn
(Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-4:30 pm).

Class Fee: $50 

Registration is based on a first-come, first-served basis.
Class capacity: 25.

For more information, visit our website at
www.thesamaritaninn.org or call Mysti at (972) 658-9372.
For general information email info@thesamaritaninn.org or call (972) 632-1290 ext. 233.


Important Program Information
  1. The $50 class fee must be paid in advance either online at thesamaritaninn.org or in person at the Administration Building for The Samaritan Inn (see address above) prior to the beginning of the first session.
  2. Classes are generally held the 2nd week of each month, on Tuesdays (Session #1) and Thursdays (Session #2), from 6pm to 9:00pm. See Schedule of Classes for specific dates.
  3. Any student under 18 must have a Parental Consent Form signed for this class.
  4. The Registration Form and Parental Consent Form (available by clicking “PRE-REGISTRATION” below) must be completed/signed and brought to the first session.
  5. Note: Review and processing of the Registration and Parental Consent Forms, plus additional onsite pre-class preparation, will be conducted 30 minutes prior to the first session of the class. To allow time for this process, all attendees must arrive prior to the first session at 5:30pm.
  6. Classes hold a maximum of 25 students, so register early for the days that are most convenient for you.
  7. Both class sessions must be completed in sequence to receive credit. If you arrive late, leave early, or miss a session entirely, you will not graduate and will forfeit all class fees.
Help us build hope for homeless families. Purchase a commemorative brick, personalized in any way you choose. Call Lynne for more information at 972-632-1290 extension 229 or email to lsipiora@thesamaritaninn.org. Thank you and remember- people are waiting……