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Pete first walked through the doors of The Samaritan Inn almost one year ago.   He arrived with virtually nothing after relocating from another state and with nowhere else to go, Pete took a chance hoping that a bed would be available for him here at The Inn when he arrived.   When our caseworker sat down with Pete to complete the intake process, we learned that he was seeking to gain custody of his child who had been placed in foster care.   Pete was ready to make changes in order to regain stability for both himself and his son.

With his basic needs met and the comfort of knowing he was regaining stability, Pete successfully completed what was required by Child Protective Services and began gaining custody of his child within his first two weeks at The Inn. During this time, Pete built a relationship with the foster family who had become a great source of support and provided a sense of family to both Pete and his son.

With his father/son bond strengthening, Pete knew he needed to secure employment. He had been searching diligently but needed a job close in proximity to The Inn given that he had no automobile or transportation. With the help of our career development team Pete found not only a good-paying job nearby, but one that would also allow his son to join him at work if needed. With flexible hours and the option to work as much as he wanted, Pete was able to build his savings quickly. With no outstanding debt and no need to pay for childcare, Pete was well on his way to independence.

Pete completed all the program requirements and with the knowledge, he gained in our Financial Education Classes was able to build a working budget that enabled this family of two to secure their own home. With the support and encouragement of his caseworker, counselor, staff, and friends, Pete submitted an application for one of our Gateway Apartments….and now – almost a year later – Pete and his son are leaving The Inn and moving into their first home as a family.

Through stories like this one, we find the great motivation to keep going in our mission to end homelessness and help willing individuals regain their independence. Each individual comes to us with a unique story and will encounter many hurdles along the way but our holistic program gives everyone the tools, support, and encouragement they need to find success. We are proud of the progress that Pete made and look forward to many more success stories as our residents find their way to self-sufficiency and independence.

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